Icy Tonight; Brighter But Colder Tuesday

4:24 PM, Dec 23, 2013   |    comments
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Well, this has just been plain nasty, hasn't it?  Hours and hours of icing, power outages, terrible road conditions-all amidst the hustle and bustle of preparing for Christmas.  I do have some good news to share however....

Yes, we will have to contend with a few more hours of freezing rain and pockets of sleet, but finally the precipitation causing all the problems will exit the region (hooray!)  While the precip will come to an end, unfortunately, colder air will come flowing into the region thanks to a northwest wind steering some cold air from north of the border our way. So while it will be nice to see some sunshine, we won't witness much melting ice tomorrow.

So, for the next few days (through Christmas Day) we will witness plenty of sunshine, but cold temperatures as well.  Low pressure dragging a cold front through New England will bring some clouds and light snow on Thursday, with a partly cloudy sky returning for Friday-Saturday.

Let's hope this is our only bout with freezing rain this winter!

Oh yeah-another bit of good news for you: we actually gained an entire minute of daylight today! I'm psyched!

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