Power line crews working to restore power on Christmas Day

5:35 PM, Dec 25, 2013   |    comments
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GARDINER, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- It's not the way many were planning to spend Christmas Day -- in the dark, without heat. For power linemen from out of state, working on Christmas Day to restore power is what they'd expected.

"We've called, we've talked to our families," says Larry Cockrum who left his home in Los Angeles to work in New Hampshire first, then Maine. "We're glad to be here. It's rewarding to help out."

John Caroll of Central Maine Power estimates 1800 workers from Maine and out-of-state are on the job in central Maine. Those who had arrived in Augusta on Tuesday night, started their first 17-hour shift on Christmas Day.

"It's part of the job. Don't mind doing it at all," says Scott E. Smith from Pensacola, FL. "We're helping everybody out and I'd hope they'd return the favor if I was in that situation."

Meanwhile, families at home are hoping their Christmas lights will be turned on by the end of the day. Caroll says it's difficult to predict when people can expect that to happen but they follow the same process with every storm... working on heavily populated areas first and then working their way out.

"For those customers who are on little roads, rural roads, camp roads... they are among that last that we'll get to." The company's  goals are to knock out half of the outages by Wednesday night, and to have restored the majority of Central Maine power by Thursday night.



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