Maine family experiences Frost Quake

6:57 PM, Jan 8, 2014   |    comments
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CORINTH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- There have been several reports in Maine and across the country of people experiencing a loud noise and shaking outside their homes. These occurrences are known as Frost Quakes.

The science term for the quakes is Cryoseism. They're common during a deep freeze after a thaw like we had earlier this week. According to State Geologist, Dr. Robert Marvinney, it happens when water freezes near the top layers of soil, expands and breaks.

"Frozen ground expands and it breaks and it's that breaking that causes the shaking and might cause objects to rattle and house to rumble," said Marvinney.

Sky Stinson and his wife experienced a Frost Quake while at their Corinth home eating dinner Tuesday night.

"All of a sudden there was a boom and felt the place shake and we looked at each other and thought that was kind of weird," said Stinson.

There was no damage to the couples home, but had several neighbors comment about having the same experience.

According to Marvinney, Frost Quakes are more common in areas with deeper soils, but there are not enough occurrences in Maine to establish common locations.  


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