Former Tremont teacher charged with 1999 incident

8:48 AM, Jan 10, 2014   |    comments
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TREMONT, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- Police have arrested and charged a former teacher and coach from Tremont, accused of having sex with one of his students. Prosecutors say the assault happened more than a decade ago when the alleged victim was only 13. Her teacher, more than twice her age.

Police arrested Ben Hodgdon last Friday charging him with one count of gross sexual assault of a minor under 14. According to a police affidavit, back in 1999, the former teacher had sex more than 30 times with a student.

Years later, police say the alleged victim came forward. Ben Hodgdon was a teacher and track coach at Tremont Consolidation School.

In a police affidavit, Hodgdon admits to investigators he did cross the line with his former student.

Assistant District Attorney Mary Kellett said, "For this victim this is not something that went away. This is something that stayed with her and caused problems in her life and that she has tried to deal with on her own. She came to the conclusion that she couldn't and she needed help."

Superintendent Howard Colter with AOS 91 admits there were suspicions , "I certainly was approached by people in the larger community questioning the relationship between Mr. Hodgdon and one or more of our students and I brought that to the attention of the principal and they brought it and I did as well brought it to the attention of Mr. Hodgdon."

Superintendent Colter did not say whether Hodgdon's resignation back in 2003 was a result of these allegations.

Unlike other federal charges, there is not statue of limitation for gross sexual assault of a minor under 14 years old. Hodgon has been released on bail. He will make his first appearance early next month.

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