Kidney transplant chain saves lives

7:32 PM, Jan 17, 2014   |    comments
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OLD ORCHARD BEACH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Gary Rutter suffers from polycystic liver disease. He had been receiving dialysis treatments several times a week for the past four years after both of his kidneys failed. He was registered in a program at Maine Medical Center that matches kidneys among groups of strangers.

 On December 19th, Hallie Twomey of Auburn donated her kidney which was transported to Connecticut and transplanted into 20-year old Ryan Dasilva. One of Dasilva's father's kidneys was flown to a Toldeo Ohio hospital and transplanted into a 47-year old Michgan woman, another kidney from a 36-year old Michigan man was flown to Maine Medical Center and transplanted in Rutter -- all in the same day. Sutter says he is feeling great and is grateful to the program that saved his life.

The United Network of Organ Sharing program involved six patients, six kidneys and three hospitals. On December 19th, kidneys were removed from three different donors including Twomey, all were transplanted into waiting patients that same day including a Old Orchard Beach resident who had been on dialysis for nearly four years waiting for a new kidney.

If you wouldlike more information about the program, you can go to


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