Mainers receiving Turbo Tax error messages

6:17 AM, Feb 13, 2014   |    comments
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AUGUSTA, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Some Mainers are having Turbo Tax issues Wednesday. After filing, they receive messages that their filing is denied. Turbo Tax's website blames the state for the problem, but Maine Revenue Services says it's the company.

"One of the things I started looking at this morning was what were my alternative options for filing my Maine taxes  - do I use another online software? Do I want to go back and fight Turbo Tax? I'm also concerned about getting into an argument with somebody who has 8 years of information of my income tax return," said Mark Nicholas, who has received the messages.

Maine Revenue Services is manually reviewing the returns of Mainers who filed their returns using TurboTax. The agency says those reviews will be completed next week. TurboTax says it's looking into the issue, but the glitch should be fixed by Friday.


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