Veazie residents continue to voice concerns over water

7:50 PM, Feb 26, 2014   |    comments
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VEAZIE, Maine (NEWS CENTER) --- Some people in Veazie say they plan to keep fighting for better drinking water in their town.

The Orono Veazie Water District has been criticized for years as water in the district has above-average levels of a known carcinogen. It's called trihalomethane --- commonly known as THM.

Last week water at ten homes in Veazie was tested for that compound and levels of it were found to be much higher than in other communities.

Yet officials with the district say their water does not exceed federal limits for THM and by their standards it is safe to use.

"Our goal here at the water district is stay within complete compliance with state and federal regulations," said Dennis Cross, who is the district's superintendent, "those regulations were determined by professionals in the field that had the expertise to set those guidelines."

"The water district will call this normal's not really normal to have 70 THMs," said Mark Smith, who was one of the Veazie homeowners that was tested, "the state's red line is 80 but that doesn't mean that this is good."

The water district does monthly tests for THM. Concerned customers say they plan to keep working to get the town out of the water district.


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