Late season cold brings late season profits for some businesses

5:03 PM, Mar 17, 2014   |    comments
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BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- While the cold weather is cutting deep into the pockets of those who must buy heating fuel to warm their homes, it's been a needed financial boost for those companies that in recent years have faced relatively mild winters.

Pelkey Oil, a small mom and pop business that's been around for decades, has four full-time employees, including Owner Steve Pelkey and Delivery Truck driver Rick McGouldrick Sr.

More deliveries means a healthier bottom line and while that is good for business, they do still think about their customers.

"We have been very very very busy. We've been making a lot of extra stops to our regular customers we've taken on a lot of new customers that have folded unfortunately but mother nature being the way she's been this year, people are having it really rough," explained Rick McGouldrick, adding that "We can't go home to a warm house knowing that people are going to be cold."

Another business getting a boost from the weather is Greenway Equipment Sales.  It's Bangor shop has sold more generators due to recent power outages, and the repair shop has had a few extra jobs due to the late season snow. 


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