Nebraska Man Eats Nothing But Spam For A Month

2:30 PM, Sep 17, 2007   |    comments
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Tyler Riewer ate the ham and pork product every day, for every meal, for the last month. He promised two of his friends if they finished their book on Spam, he would live on it for a month. They did, so he is. Along the way, he has become a Spam connoisseur. "It has come to the point where I go to the grocery store and walk down the aisle and say, 'Oh, rice would be good with spam.' And then what else goes with rice and spam? It gets tough," said Riewer. His experimenting in the kitchen also led to an old favorite with a new twist. "The Spam meatloaf was a surprise for me because, whereas all the other meals have Spam in them, Spam meatloaf is nothing but Spam. So, I was a little nervous to eat it because I have never had Spam plain, and it was awesome," said Riewer. It is easy eating Spam every day when you are making it in your own kitchen, but what happens when Tyler wants to go out to eat? Tyler simply took his own. "I brought the Spam with me and asked them to make my sandwich with Spam and they did and it may have been the best sandwich I ever had there," Riewer said. "It was like my two worlds combined." Tyler has also brought his Spam with him to two wedding receptions this month. "One of the brides sent me an email and said, 'Spam was not welcome at my wedding,'" said Riewer. "The day of the wedding I had Spam in my pocket. I had one in my pocket and one hidden in my sock because I figured if anything I could expose the one in my pocket, 'Oh, busted,' and then eat the one from my sock in secrecy." Despite his constant Spamming, Tyler just may use some of those Spam recipes again. "I will probably keep some Spam in the cupboard, though. There is a place in my heart for the Spam now," said Riewer. It is an unlikely culinary love affair between a man and his Spam.


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