Cruise ship visits on the rise in Maine

MAINE COAST (NEWS CENTER)-- The number of cruise ships visiting Maine is on the rise this year. In 2012, the cruise ship industry and it's passengers brought 45 million dollars into the state. Now Maine is seeing a two point six percent increase in the number of cruise vessels coming to call since last year.

Last year 318 cruise ship visits came into ports along Maine's coast. This year, that numbers will rise to 400 ship visits. That means, more than 260-thousand passengers between May and November in Portland, Bar Harbor, Eastport, as well as several other areas along the Maine coast, but those Three ports in particular will see a significant increase in their number of call.

Maine's most southern port, Portland, is up 16 visits from 2013 with 74 ship visits this year with more than 82 thousand passengers aboard. Bar Harbor is Maine's most visited port. One hundred and thirty eight cruise ship visits will come into call there this season, bringing in more than 165 thousand people. Last year Bar Harbor brought in only 126 visits. Eastport will see the greatest improvement since last year with an additional three cruise ship visits, bringing the total to five visits and more than 900 passengers.

Each port of these ports will not only see more ships, but maiden voyages as well. Bar Harbor will have 29 cruise ships making multiple calls there as well as eight maiden voyages. Eighteen cruise ships will make their way in and out of Portland, five of them for the first time in that location. Eastport will see two ships will come through Eastport, although none will board here to begin a journey. But Maine's deep water port will see the maiden voyage of the Pearl Mist cruise ship.

Cruise ships from outside of the U.S.- mainly from Montreal and Quebec- will be a part of the number of visits in each of these ports. Bar Harbor will boast the most foreign arrivals with 50 ship visits. Portland will see 2. And Eastport will see one foreign arrival.


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