Firefighter served overseas; now at home

HERMON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- For many, Monday was a day of remembrance for all of the men and women who lost their lives serving our country. It was also a day to cherish the service of our active troops. In Maine, many of these veterans and active duty personnel are spending their time doing jobs that continue to give back.

Cody Sullivan, a firefighter in Hermon, has a passion for making a difference. For six months, he was stationed in Baghdad as a firefighter for the Maine National Guard. Sullivan said the brotherhood is similar, yet the conditions don't compare.

"Completely different than what it is here. I'm still doing the same job I'm a military firefighter - a lot different because of the resources aren't there. You make do with what you have. I was living in tents and mud huts. And your fire trucks aren't at fire stations they are parked right outside your tents."

Serving at home as a firefighter, Sullivan said everyone is a familiar face. He knows just about everyone in town. Sullivan said Memorial Day is a day to be thankful for all those who have served and are serving in the military.

"Thank them and thank all of the families of all of our deployed troops who continue to support while overseas. And to let them know that their family sacrifice won't be forgotten."


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