High winds put damper on airplanes

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Winter has been walloping the New England area for months. When Mother Nature brings the worst, Bangor International Airport has airfield officials staffed and ready to tackle the storm. With two alternating crews and 30 pieces of massive equipment these experts have been hunkering down to keep the runways clear.

Airfield officials said they could clear a two-mile runway in less than 20 minutes with seven plow machines that are 20 feet wide. Airfield official, Marty Kelly also said high winds could cause major concern for commercial pilots especially when they're facing crosswinds. These gusts along with poor weather conditions make airfield personnel use an all hands on deck approach as they clear the taxiway.

"The important thing to an airplane is the braking. And a lot of people think that braking means when they land they are braking. The braking is important for take off actually. Just in case, they have to abort take off and they will have to use their brakes."

Officials explain that smaller private airplanes will be affected the most by strong winds. If these planes aren't tied down properly they can flip over.

Airport officials said this winter is walloping their budget. From the liquid runway deicer, sand and blades their costs have skyrocketed this year. Experts said for one treatment of runway deicer it costs ten thousand dollars.


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