Logging with horses

LINCOLNVILLE, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Logging the woods of Maine is a job that goes back hundreds of years. It started with horses pulling the load and has evolved to much larger machinery. There are those who are holding onto the more traditional way of things.

Raymond Hill still uses his two Belgian horses, Sam and Bill, to haul logs each day. At a time when most loggers are using Skidders and large machinery for the job, Hill finds that horses are a much more affordable method.

"With horses you got one speed and that's it. If you're in that much of a hurry horses aren't for you," said Hill.

The customers that hire Hill to use his team of horses to clear their lots, often times do so to improve the sustainability of the land. With years of experience Sam and Bill move with ease around downed trees, listening and responding to every cue.

"People say, oh isn't that hard work working with the horses. No I think it's easier," said Hill.

Raymond operates his Logging business from his farm, Second Draught Farm, in Washington, Maine. To get in touch with RAYMOND HILL.


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