Calf survives lightning strike

TROY, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A two-and-a-half week old calf at Highland Farms of Troy was struck by lightning and survived.

Pen, now four-weeks-old, was found in the pasture by his owners two days after a lightning storm with a huge black burn taking up most of his back. Upon further inspection, the calf's owners found two exit wounds on the calf's front legs -- indicating an electrical current exited his body.

The calf's veterinarian confirmed Pen had been struck by lightning. To help protect the wound, he wears a blanket. Pen's owners have become very attached to him.

"The first few days my husband said, so we're spending $300 so we can save this animal to eat it? Well, he's been asking me what I want for my birthday. Today is my birthday and he hasn't gotten me anything yet. And so, last night I said I wanted Pen for my birthday," said Jennifer Wixson of Highland Farms of Troy .

A little more than a week after the strike, Pen is already starting to heal. Although he was badly burned and lost all his hair on the wounded area, his vet, Dr. Jessica Matulis at Kennebec Veterinary Services, said the calf will make a full recovery in three to four months.


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