"Send a Kid Back to School" helps families in need

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The past couple of weeks NEWS CENTER has been promoting our "Send a Kid Back-to-School" drive in partnership with the Salvation Army. It helps struggling families send their kids on a back to school shopping spree.

Families like the Norwoods. Kimberly is a single mother with four kids, two who are still school age.

She never thought she would end up struggle to provide for her children. Unable to find work she bounces from temp job to temp job doing her best to use her college degree.

A couple years ago Kimberly had a house, a husband, and a steady income. Everything changed in an instant when her youngest daughter was diagnosed with cancer. Suddenly she needed help, but it was not easy to ask for it.

Kimberly said, "People are judgmental, you know? You don't know what that person's struggle is. You don't know who they are, so don't be so quick to judge."

Kimberly explained she wants to help disprove the stigma attached to asking for help.

The Salvation Army has been able to give the Norwoods the hand up they need. They are one of the recipients of the Target gift certificates provided by the Salvation Army. It allows Kimberly to send her two daughters on a back to school shopping spree.

"As a parent you want to give your kids the best and you go without so you can provide for them. It doesn't make you feel too good to know, 'Geez I really can't afford that. I would love to give it to them, but I just can't afford it."

You can help families like the Norwoods by making a donation to the "Send a Kid Back-to-School" spree. Any donation amount is welcome.

For every $50 dollars in donations, the Salvation Army will buy a $50 gift certificate to Target to take a kid in need shopping for back-to-school supplies.

You can donate on our website or on the Salvation Army website.

You can also mail in your donation. Be sure to make checks payable to "The Salvation Army" with a note that it is for "Send a kid back to school shopping."

Those can be mailed to The Salvation Army: 65 South Park Street in Bangor.

Our donation goal is $3,000.


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