Bill Green shares turkey hunting secrets

CUMBERLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Bill Green made a special appearance on the Morning Report in full camo to explain turkey hunting from a seasoned hunter's perspective.

Bill had his turkey caller and a tent set up to demonstrate the technique hunter's take for turkeys. Bill said that turkey hunting is It is all camo and stealth, no orange for the birds.

Bill also said that despite what some might think, turkey hunting is very safe.

"Hunting is a very controlled environment," said Bill.

For turkey hunting, only a shotgun or bow and arrow is allowed. For a shotgun, Bill said that range for an effective shot is only 40 yards and the key is target identification.

There are two different turkey calls, a female and male call. Bill said the goal is to get a conversation going between the turkeys and turkey caller to lure the birds closer.

Bill said a wild turkey can be gamey, but it is good for the crockpot.

Wild turkey season starts Monday and is legal from a half hour before sunrise to a half hour after sunset. The state requires permits.


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