Brunswick animal shelter reopens sooner than expected

BRUNSWICK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Earlier this month the Coastal Humane Society was forced to shut down its shelter after an outbreak of ringworm among five dogs.

For the past two weeks the Brunswick animal shelter has been effectively locked down. No animals could be adopted out or taken in. But that all changes Saturday at noon. The shelter is set to reopen two weeks ahead of schedule.

Five puppies brought here from Alabama were infected with Ringworm, a fungal infection that can be spread. The puppies were isolated in a separate buildings in back, while the entire facility was placed under quarantine for twenty-eight days. But just twelve days in, state animal welfare officials have lifted the order and praised the shelter's operators for preventing the fungus from spreading.

"We were very happy that our protocols were so solid and effective. That ended up being something that the staff learned as a whole from this and I think that at least was a positive that came out of this", said Dr. Mandie Wehr, Director of Operations.

Two-hundred twenty animals are now free to be adopted, including kittens that can go home at a reduced adoption fee this weekend


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