Canoers brave Six Mile Falls for annual Kenduskeag Stream Race

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- It is a sign that spring has finally arrived. Mainers trade in their skis for canoes and take part in one of many the annual canoe races. This weekend the Kenduskeag Stream Race will send many down the 16.5 mile course. NEWS CENTER'S Samantha Edwards learned a few tricks from experienced canoer J.R. Mabee.

J.R. Mabee has participated in the race since he was 7 years old. The veteran racer said, "Most experienced canoers know, it's not if but when you're going to tip over."

The best way to end the race victorious and dry is to plan ahead.

"It's always very important if it is a technical rapid, that you want to scout and have your route planned out in advance," said Mabee.

This year's lack of rain and snow has left the Kenduskeag fairly low, but Mabee said as long as you are prepared and now the water you should be fine.

Of course, if you ask any one of the hundreds of spectators they will tell you Six Mile Falls is the best place to be entertained.

Mabee said, "People come to Six Mile Falls because it is the first major hazard that they see. They've always termed them 'river vultures.' They want to see carnage. Of course, they want to see people out for a good time. Nobody wants to see anyone get hurt. But I think they do want to see the chills and the spills and all of that."

This year you can spot Mabee making his way down the river in a friend's war canoe which carries six people.

The race will begin Saturday at 8:30.


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