New scam tactic pops up in Ellsworth

ELLSWORTH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A new scam has popped up in the city of Ellsworth looking for people to pay for overdue loans and other payments.

Detectives at the Ellsworth Police Department say these types of scams have been reported before, but now, scammers are going door-to-door impersonating officers for the attorney general's office.

One Ellsworth woman gave her credit card information to this person to keep her son from being arrested -- or so she was told.

Detective Dotty Small says people can be put in a tough situation when they see what they think is a police officer-- as this scammer is still out there.

"We're all programmed that the police are there we have to allow them to talk to us or to if the police say they have a warrant then the police have a warrant. But this just took it a step too far. They did not come all the way to Ellsworth, Maine, for $300. I'm sure that they are working other areas," said Detective Small.

Another woman from Aroostook county posted on Ellsworth PD's Facebook page that she had been a victim of the same scam.

Anyone with information about the ongoing investigation is urged to contact the Ellsworth Police Department.


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