Enthusiasts reenact battles at Fort Knox

PROSPECT, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Some hobby enthusiasts said re-living history allows them to get a taste of what soldiers in the 1860's went through to fight for an indivisible nation. The 20th Maine Civil War re-enactor group spent the weekend re-living history at Fort Knox. Civil War Re-enactor, Lieutenant Paul Dudley believes history is important. The Civil War was certainly the most catastrophic event in American history. Dudley said the sacrifice and bravery of those soldiers meant a lot to our nation.

"You get a small feel for what these men went through. Obviously, there is nobody here shooting at you. You are not picking off lice and eating crappy food."

This group helps Dudley understand the hardships of what these soldiers faced during a time of war.

"Setting up tents, practicing our marching skills, polishing them off, firing skills, drilling those types of things and introducing new people to what we call fresh fish to the hobby."

At the end of the day, these re-enactors know they will pack up their items, get out of their wool clothes and smother the fire. Then head back into the present.

"Learn about your history whether it be the Civil War or your own personal history. It's very very important to understand where you came from. It's to know why things are the way they are today."

These re-enactors will be at Mount Hope next week to serve as honor guards in an artillery ceremony. Dudley said they're looking for more privates who would like to join their group.


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