Fat Boy Drive-In opens for the season

BRUNSWICK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- On Route 24 in Brunswick, when winter becomes spring... supper time means: Fat Boys.

The drive-in has been around since 1955. Hungry people drive in, and the car hop does the rest.

The food is made the old fashion way, cooked to order. Fat Boy famous BLT is made with canadian bacon. And the owner, Jeannie Burton, says Fat Boy friends and onion rings are always in demand.

"We're having a hard time even handling our people in the parking lot. They've been waiting probably 45, 50 minutes today. 'Is that unusual?' Nope. Opening day, everybody wants their Fat Boy food after all winter."

Many wondered if Fat Boy's business was in for a slim-down when The Brunswick Naval Shipyard closed. "Definitely. Everybody in the town felt less business because it was so many people that were gone," says Burton. However tourism helps, she says, and the loyal folks that come back year after year.

'When do you think you're going to come again?' "Next week."


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