Fourth day of search for Jaden focuses on lake

NORTH WATERBORO, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- After three days of searching for Jaden Dremsa and finding limited clues, the Maine Warden Service turned its focus to Lake Arrowhead Monday.

"A lot of search and rescue is math and we are getting the statistics from our manual. Based on the information, you draw a circle and when you do that, it says 75 percent of the time you should find the person in that radius, but we haven't. That's why it's frustrating - we want to find Jaden and bring him back to his family. Sometimes, I feel like we aren't getting closer to that, said Lt. Kevin Adam with Maine Warden Service.

Officials drained the lake by about three feet over Sunday night to make it easier for searchers to see the bottom of the lake. The lake is very murky, full of stumps and milfoil. On Thursday, someone reported seeing a person that matched Jaden's description near the lake. Lt. Adam said one dog did follow a scent to the lake. However, there's been no other evidence or scents to indicate the lake.

"It's just a theory right now. Anytime we ever search near water, we have to look at it," said Lt. Adam.

Wardens and volunteers gathered around 6 a.m. on Monday, with volunteers making dozens of breakfast sandwiches for search crews. Wardens plan to use K9, aircraft, and an air-boat to search around and on the lake. Lt. Adam said its too dangerous to put divers in without having a specific area because of the stumps and murkiness of the lake. He said they have used sonar and will continue to, but haven't found anything so far. Wardens will continue with ground searches and have horses to aid in the search. They've searched roads out to 10 miles and are now looking for holes they might have missed in the ground search, said Lt. Adam.

"We've gotten a lot of information, but it hasn't really taken us anywhere. The same goes with searching..nothing is coming back to help us locate to where Jaden is," said Lt. Adam.

The search began Thursday evening about 8 p.m. The 15-year-old had gone for a walk Thursday afternoon and never returned. Wardens' have done a grid search, covered a two mile radius of land around Dremsa's home, and used a helicopter for an air search. Hundreds of volunteers have helped in the search and have been sharing updates and offering support in a Facebook group, "Help Find Jaden Dremsa."

Dremsa has Aspergers Syndrome, which is a form of Autism. Wardens said they hope he is hiding somewhere and too frightened to come out. His mother has said he is very shy and timid.

Dremsa is described as being 5'9'' and about 140 pounds with shoulder length brown hair.

He was last seen wearing jeans, a black shirt and had skateboard style sneakers.

If you have any information, contact the Maine Warden service or the York County Sheriff's office.


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