Friends of murder victim Valerie Tieman say she was loved by many

Connecting with Valerie Tieman's friends and loved ones.

FAIRIFIELD, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Emily Fournier clutches a tissue and is constantly wiping away tears, as she remembers her friend Valerie Tieman,  and comes to grip with her sudden death and the news that her husband, Luc Tieman is charged with her murder.
"All I can think of is her poor family she moves all the way up here from South Carolina.  They don't know anyone up here and all they can do is trust that her husband will keep her safe the one person you are supposed to trust your child with," Fournier says, choking back tears.
Emily describes Valerie as beautiful on the outside and even more beautiful on the inside.  They met each other through a local theatre group.  They played sisters in a show last year.  Emily says she thought of Val as a real sister.
"You don't go a year and a half with calling someone your sister and not have something mean that to you," she said.
She says Val loved to drink tea, and would give her free haircuts in exchange for fresh eggs.  She also says it seemed like she and Luc were in a loving relationship and that they worshipped each other.  That's what makes this so stunning.  
"I just pray that god has opened his arms to her and wrapped her in a hug and said that its ok."
Emily is not sure what kind of funeral arrangements are  being made. Valerie Tieman's  parents live in South Carolina So Emily Fournier is not sure where she will be laid to rest. She says if the funeral is in South Carolina, there she will likely try to organize some kind of memorial service here.


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