Hollis voters find long line at polls

HOLLIS, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- People who came to the polls in Hollis were shocked by the long, slow moving line.

The town was using a new voting machine, and it took an unusually long time for each ballot to go in.

Jeanne Martin and her husband, John, said it took them about an hour and 45 minutes to vote. Jeanne said, "Little concerned about the number of people we saw walk out without voting. Wouldn't have wanted to have a small child with me or an elderly person with me because I'm concerned that people with a small child or elderly person would not have their vote get counted."

There were also concerns over privacy, as the line to vote snaked right by the voting booths, that don't have curtains. James Dyer said, " I don't care. I'll tell everybody how I voted. But many people want to vote in private. They can't. I sat there and watched 3 people do their entire ballot. I don't know who they are, but I know how they voted because there's no privacy whatsoever."

Officials in Hollis say they did not turn anyone away who showed up to vote before 8 p.m. But the line at that time was still out the door.


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