Mainers for Responsible Gun Ownership begins campaign

Mainers for Responsible Gun Ownership

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — The campaign Mainers for Responsible Gun Ownership kicked off its volunteer effort today in Bangor. The group is working on an initiative that would close what they're calling a loophole when it comes to background checks.

The initiative would require anyone buying a gun from a private seller with a few exceptions to go to a licensed dealer and undergo a background check. That's according to Deputy Campaign Manager Bobby Reynolds.

On Saturday, volunteers were calling Maine voters to let them know about the proposal.

Deputy Campaign Manager Bobby Reynolds said this initiative narrows the opportunity for guns to get in the hands of bad people.

"There's a loophole in the law. That same criminal who fails a background check at a dealership can then walk out in a parking lot get on their handheld iPhone or whatever it may be and they can find a private seller of that same firearm and go buy that gun no questions asked" said Reynolds.

Todd Tolhurst, President of Gun Owners of Maine, Inc. opposes the background check proposal.

He said anyone buying or selling a gun is already required to get a license. In a statement to NEWS CENTER Tolhurst said in part,

"There are no exceptions. Any so-called "unlicensed dealer" is in fact a criminal, and is rather unlikely to comply with this law while flouting a far more serious Federal law...This law applies to all Mainers, not "unlicensed dealers", and it applies to far more than sales of firearms. It applies to any transfer of a firearm, including lending a firearm to a friend or a neighbor. The exceptions in the law, like the hunting exception, are far narrower than people suppose, and will turn good people into criminals. Loaning your rifle today to a friend who is going hunting in the morning will result in both of you becoming criminals."

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