Man found not guilty in First Street stabbing

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- After three days of witness testimonies and a week of deliberation Justice William Anderson finds Jason Trickett not guilty of manslaughter. Trickett was on trial for the fatal stabbing of First Street in Bangor that left Andrew Smith dead.

One of Trickett's attorneys Marvin Glazier said, "Probably the hardest part was that he gave so many statements to police...although they were all consistent there were a lot of them. That made it a little harder to pass out what his reasoning was although he was consistent although he was consistent about Mr Smith coming toward him with the board."

For the last 16 months, Trickett has been behind bars unable to make bail but adamant he did not mean to kill Andrew Smith. The defense claimed their client acted in self defense coming to the aid of two women Smith was fighting with that night. Justice Anderson found Trickett's owntestimonies to be consistent, unlike other witnesses, and presented the most likely series of events.

The judge referred to Trickett as "an unsophisticated person" while delivering the verdict claiming the defendant did not know how to articulate that he had acted in self defense.

Glazier agreed, "He never used the words, but certainly as the judge said was self defense. Especially when he said Smith was coming toward him with the board that had nails in them."

Justice Anderson told the court given the evidence he could not find the defendant guilty. Defense attorney Marvin Glazier says Trickett finally sees this as relief.

"He's very relieved. As he indicated to police he was a friend of Mr. Smith, they were going to rent an apartment together. So he was certainly saddened and remorseful. If you remember he was crying in one of the interviews he is just relieved it was over but he is certainly saddened by the death of Mr. Smith," said Glazier.

Trickett was taken back to Penobscot County jail where he will be released a free man.

The family members of the victim, Andrew Smith, were in the courtroom at the time of the verdict they were unable to hold back their own emotions of anger and disappointment.


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