Movie 'Wonder' gives students new perspective on kindness

Schools take field trip to see 'Wonder'

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The film 'Wonder' is sure to pull at your heart strings, but Hermon Middle School students found it is also sure to teach viewers some valuable lessons.

"I'd say the most important thing I took away from the film is to not judge a book by it's cover." seventh grader Johnny Kokosta said. He and two other classmates talked about what they learned after watching the film. 

'Wonder' tells the story of a young boy named Auggie Pullman who has Treacher Collins syndrome, causing his face to look different than others. It's the first time he has ever gone to a main stream school and he just wants to be treated like any ordinary kid. The students could easily relate to the feeling of wanting to fit in.

"It's hard to feel accepted cause everyone is so different and you want to fit in too." eight grader Charolette Caron said.

"Everyone is just judging you on your appearance and how you look." sixth grader Brooke Swoboda said. 

After seeing the film all three students say they have a new perspective on kindness and how they want to treat others. They all could think of one thing they will be doing differently in their day to day life. 

"Try not to judge someone by their appearance or how you first see them." Swoboda said.

"I'm going to go out of my way to make sure everybody feels comfortable." Kokosta said.

"Try and understand people's story before you judge them." Caron said.

As the movie says, when given the choice between being right or being kind, choose kind -- and that is exactly what they plan to do. 

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