Owner of dog killed by pit bulls speaks out

Winslow woman responds to horrific dog attack.

WINSLOW, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The owner of a 10-month-old Boston Terrier says her dog was killed on Tuesday after being attacked by two Staffordshire Terriers. 
Sharron Carey says she was walking her dog, Fergie on the same route she did almost every day, when two dogs escaped their enclosure and attacked, Fergie. 
"Nobody came, for the longest time nobody came. I kept kicking the dogs and screaming and pulling on their ears and just trying to open their mouths," said Carey.
While Carey was trying to save her dog she too, was injured.
"There's stitches here and my wrist has bruises on it. On the back of my fingers there's bite marks. I have a giant bruise on my side where it bit me," said Carey.
The injuries are bad enough that Carey will need to see a hand surgeon and Fergie was killed in the attack. Although Carey is devastated by the death of her dog she says it could have worse, she could have had her grandson with her.
"My son is always with her walking, so that day it just so happened my son was home with me sick," said Jennifer Holt, Carey's daughter.
The family says they don't blame the dogs for the attack, but they are blaming the owner.
"I'm not blaming the breed. Yes, there are some good dogs, bad dogs. It's irresponsible ownership. Knowing that these dogs have a tendency to be aggressive and things happen, but this is negligence. If you have to have two six-foot fences to enclose your dogs there is an issue there," said Holt.
The two dogs that police say attacked Carey and Fergie are in a 10-day quarantine until a decision is made about what to do with them.

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