Police investigate driver of truck with blue lights

RICHMOND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Police are investigating a driver who they say may have been impersonating a police officer.

Everett Perry was pulled over Saturday night when an officer noticed that his truck was missing an inspection sticker. Perry was summonsed for driving without a license and illegal attachment of a license plate, and his truck was impounded. When police turned on a set of fog lights on the grill of the truck, they saw that they were actually blue lights. Perry claims he was never planning to pull anyone over or impersonate an officer, but police are continuing to investigate.

"We take that very seriously because one, when you see these lights we want you to recognize that they are an emergency vehicle and they need to get someplace," Chief Scott MacMaster said. "And two, because we are pulling people over and we want you to know that we are the police pulling you over and not somebody else trying to victimize you."

Anyone with information about the case should call the Richmond Police Department at 737-8518.


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