Report finds Boston bombing gun tied to Maine gang

(NEWS CENTER) -- The Los Angeles Times is reporting the gun the Boston bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev allegedly used to shoot two officers is originally from a Maine gang.

The article reports that the Ruger P95 Tsarnaev used in the Watertown shootout just days after the marathon bombing comes from a Portland street gang that sold crack cocaine.

While the serial number was filed off, forensics were able to piece a number together, tracing it back to it's original owner, Danny Sun Jr., who bought the gun from Cabelas in November of 2011.

Sun tells police that he passed it off to Portland gang leader Biniam Tsegai, who goes by "Icy," a man Portland police are familiar with.

Tsegai has a number of charges in his background and was arrested last May for his involvement with the distribution and possession of crack cocaine in Maine. He remains in jail.

According to the article, drug money from Maine may have financed Tsarnaev's 6-month trip to Russia, where he became radicalized. It also may have helped finance components of the bombs he and his brother planted near the finish line of the Boston Marathon last year.

Portland Police won't comment on Tsarnaev's possible involvement with Tsegai or Sun, but admit while there is gang activity in Portland, it's not at the violent level this article alludes to.

The LA Times article said Portland is home to three violent gangs called the True Somali Bloods, the Little Rascals Gang and a newly formed faction of the Crips Nation.

Portland Police Chief Michael Sauschuck says there are loosely affiliated groups in Portland, but the city is not home to gangs. He says while those members can get violent, it's usually drug trafficking they're focused on. According to Chief Sauschuck, the police department works closely with state and federal agencies to keep an eye on and curb any drug or gang related activity.


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