Problem pig ends up in his pen

OAKLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A Pig Gone Wild is back behind bars tonight in the town of Oakland, Maine after nearly two months living on his own in the woods.

His owner, Jeff Taylor, says Kermit didn't exactly take to domestic life on the farm right away. "He was only here 10 or 15 minutes before he bolted," recalled Taylor. He said they looked for Kermit, who was just a piglet, for about a month, but eventually gave up. Then Taylor says he picked up the newspaper. "I read about a pig harassing people on the nature trail," he said. "We were like uh-oh. That's our pig."

By then, the Oakland Police Department had gotten involved. "There were people who were concerned and they weren't using the trail. People who encountered him were afraid." said Chief Michael Tracy.

The chief closed the nature trail and called in the town's animal control officer. They put out bait in several locations, set up wildlife cams and waited for Kermit to appear.

The bait? A combination of corn, rotten fruit, chocolate chip ice cream and yeast to ferment the concoction into a stinky treat. Kermit had met his match "Once he got close to the bucket, I tripped it and I said great! we got him, said Pat Faucher, the town's animal control officer.

Kermit was returned with a police escort in a crate on a 4-wheeler they borrowed from the fire department. Now he's back on the farm getting 3 square meals a day from behind a chain link fence. "We'll try to teach him about the electric fence," said Taylor. "he didn't like the first lesson."


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