Vets need help adjusting to life at home

PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- One expert says the military failed to pick up on several 'red flags' when dealing with the soldier accused in the shooting.

That's according to a retired marine who founded a national organization dedicated to helping veterans here in Maine and across the country who dealing with the affects of post traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injuries.

Richard Brewer who served with the marines back in the 1980's, says it took almost twenty years before he was diagnosed and got help for PTSD.

While the alleged gunman had not been formally diagnosed with the condition, he had been receiving treatment for depression and anxiety.

But Brewer says the military needs to educate personnel when they return home from deployment -- on what to expect and that there is help available.

As a marine Brewer served at embassies all over the world including war torn Lebanon. He started One Warrior Won several years ago, the organization provides education and other resources to veterans and their families about PTSD.

He believes the military missed a couple of 'red flags' when it comes to Army Spec. Ivan Lopez. He says Lopez only did a 4 month tour in Iraq in 2011, shorter than the normal tours that run as long as 9 months. Also, the fact he was transferred from another military installation in Texas to Ft. Hood while he was receiving psychiatric treatment -- Brewer believes that never should have happened. Military officials says while Lopez did not see combat while in Iraq -- he was clearly troubled. Brewer says the military should require all service personnel returning from overseas to undergo a psychological debriefing.

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