Wardens investigating New Hampshire couple's encounter with moose

(NEWS CENTER) -- The video has gotten more than 100-thousand views on Youtube and has made national news. Now the couple that taped their close encounter with a Maine moose are now the focus of an investigation.

The Maine Warden Service is now looking into whether or not that couple from New Hampshire was harassing the moose prior to the animal coming after them. If so they could be facing some fines.

It's a dramatic and at times a frightening encounter with a moose in the Maine wilderness.

The video, shot with Janis Powell's helmet camera, shows her and her husband Bob traveling down a path on snowmobiles behind the moose. Then things get scary when the moose suddenly turns around to confront the Powells. Unsure how to get the moose to leave, Powell ends up firing a shot in the air to scare the moose away

"We didn't do anything wrong. We didn't provoke it, didn't do anything to agitate that moose and the warden said it was probably tired from the long winter and was already agitated", Janis Powell said.

But the Maine Warden Service has some questions it wants answered. Specifically did the Powell's initially chase or harass the moose, a violation of Maine law.

"We are looking into gathering facts around this case to see if in fact those involved, were involved in anything unlawful", said John MacDonald.

He says the couple may not have done anything wrong and that is something that the investigation will determine.The Maine Warden Service will conduct the investigate. All of the information gathered will be turned over to the Somserset County District Attorney who will decide whether or not charges will be filed.


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