Cain, Poliquin start campaigns

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Maine's big battle for a seat in Congress is likely to be fierce, and well- funded. Democrat Emily Cain and Republican Bruce Poliquin won their party primaries Tuesday night, and both candidates hit the campaign trail again on Wednesday. Before hitting the road, however, Poliquin and Cain actually met face-to-face after A NEWS CENTER Morning Report interview. They were friendly and polite to one another, but this race could become a real battle, as Republicans try to take away the Congressional seat that's been Democratic for twenty years. That means the brief "photo-op ' may be the last time they smile at each other for a while.

Poliquin headed back to his home in Oakland, and then made a campaign stop for the cameras at a local pizza shop. Can was headed back for campaigning later in the day in the Lewiston Auburn area, where she finished the campaign Monday night. Both agree the campaign is about getting jobs for the Second District, but that's about where the agreement ends. Poliquin says that Second District families need someone who will "go to Washington and fight for them". Cain, on the other hand, says "We need more leaders and fewer fighters in Washington". They disagree on a range of issues, from spending and taxes to health care and abortion. All those differences are likely to become the focus of campaign commercials and mailings in the months ahead.

Leaders of the partiers, and political analysts, agree there is likely to be a lot of out-of-state money coming into the race from parties and PAC's, as well as individual donors. NEWS CENTER Democratic analyst5 Ethan Strimling says he believes there will be a lot of national interest because its unusual to have an open seat, particularly one that has the potential to flip from one party to another.

The Second District race also has an independent candidate. He is Blaine Richardson of Belfast. He's a conservative and strict constitutionalist who had originally planned to run as a Republican, but then decided to seek the office as an independent instead.


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