Strimling and Harriman discuss Gov. Christie, nursing homes

(NEWS CENTER) -- New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is raising money for Gov. Paul LePage Wednesday with several events in Portland. With the "bridgegate" scandal, some have wondered if Gov. Christie is the best choice for a fundraising partner.

"He is the chairman of the Republican Governor's Association. It is his duty to do these events. The people who think he is a refreshing, blunt, tell-it-like-it-is personality will write checks," said Phil Harriman.

Ethan Strimling said that there was abuse of power within his administration and there is still a possibility he was involved with the bridge scandal.

"I really am surprised the Republican party wants to get close to that at all," said Strimling.

The press is not allowed at any of the events, but Harriman said he believes there will be some availability for interviews.

In Augusta, the Republicans are asking the Democrats to reconvene for another vote regarding nursing home funding. Strimling said it is political posturing and the Democrats will not return.

"The Democrats have funded almost $40 million for nursing homes. Suddenly, Republicans are coming forward saying, 'spend, spend, spend,'" said Strimling.

The new state budget begins July 1 and the issue is funding the nursing homes between now until the end of June.

"The Governor is going to have to find some executive authority to move the money around. What he wanted to do say to the Legislature 'here's the source of the money to get us to June 30," said Harriman.

Strimling said it was the source of the money, out of HealthyMaine, that Democrats didn't like. Harriman countered that the point of HealthyMaine is to help in these situations.


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