Strimling and Harriman discuss veto day, governor race

(NEWS CENTER) -- Some lawmakers are calling Thursday Veto Day in Augusta as they head back to the state house for what should be the very last day of the 2014 legislative session. Governor LePage has issued a record number of vetoes and now the legislature must decide if they want to override them.

Phil Harriman said the Governor and the Democrats have a very hard time seeing eye-to-eye on major issues.

"I think the Governor is honoring his constitutional duty to be a separate but equal branch of the government," said Harriman.

Ethan Strimling said that the branches of the government are supposed to be working together.

"Remember - over two-thirds of the vetoes had two-thirds of support in one of the bodies. The Democrats and Republicans in the legislature seem to be coming together," said Strimling.

The question is whether the Republicans will change their original vote, said Strimling.

Forty-eight vetoes are on the table to be overridden, but Strimling thinks only three or so will make it through. He said he thinks the supplemental budget will be overridden.

"If you look at some of the Kumbayah votes, where the Republicans and Democrats agreed, a lot of those vetoes are the Governor saying he's not going to spend money for people to study something and give a report," said Harriman.

Strimling said not all are study groups, but there are some serious issues like fertilizer in lakes and drunk driving laws.

Strimling and Harriman also discussed another Maine governor's race poll done by Rasmussen. The numbers show Gov. LePage and Mike Michaud tied at 40 percent, Eliot Cutler receiving 14 percent, and five percent still undecided. Harriman said it is a Republican leaning group but it confirms how tight the race is.

"The question is if Eliot Cutler is going to pull ahead...His opportunity is the first district" said Harriman.

Strimling said Cutler has 94 percent name recognition and has to find a way to break into this race.


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