Strimling & Harriman discuss MMA and Michaud fundraiser

(NEWS CENTER) -- Portland and Westbrook have joined the Maine Municipal Association lawsuit against the LePage administration regarding general assistance. Gov. LePage ordered towns to not give general assistance to people who can't prove they are in the country legally. Ethan Strimling and Phil Harriman agree that the best way to settle this issue is going to court.

"I think it's a basic human rights question. These are kids who need food. Are you really going to say 'I'm not going to provide you food because you can't prove you are legally here?'" said Strimling.

Phil Harriman said something similar happened in Arizona when the state started to enforce immigration laws. The Obama Administration took the state to court and said it was the federal government's job to enforce immigration rules.

"I think what LePage is trying to say that if this is a federal responsibility to deal with illegal immigration, the federal government should provide the funding, but they don't," said Harriman.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mike Michaud has been a consistent supporter of gun owner rights, but he recently announced a fundraising event with Gabrielle Giffords, who is a proponent of gun control. The GOP is now questioning Michaud's commitment on gun ownership.

"The bigger picture is that Mike Michaud has evolved on many issues, including tax and social security, woman's right to abortion and rights for people of different sexual orientation. Now is this fundraiser with Gabby Giffords a signal that he's going to evolve even more on gun issues?" asked Harriman.

"I don't think it's in the evolution. He's been very clear he supports background checks," said Strimling.

Giffords and and her husband Mark Kelly have recently clashed with the NRA, the organization that gave Michaud high marks for his positions on gun control, and has donated thousands of dollars to his campaigns over the years.


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