Sports broadcaster Bill Patrick comes home to Maine

ELLSWORTH, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- A boy from Hancock County with a love of nature and wildlife dreamed of one day becoming a sports anchor - and eventually his dream came true. Going by the name of Bill Patrick, Gerry Monteux sat at the anchor desk of some of the most prominent networks in sports television, from ESPN to NBC Sports. But after 37 years, his career ended.

That's when he decided to return to his roots and bring his passion for nature and photography home.

"I think I was about six or seven years old and my mother asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. And I said I want to be a retired baseball player so I could be on TV," said broadcaster and photographer, Gerry Monteux.

While he never played enough ball to become a retired baseball player, Gerry Monteux did live out his childhood dream of being on television as a sports anchor for several top sports networks including NBC Sports. But after 37 years his sportscasting career as Bill Patrick, and his marriage, ended suddenly. So he came home to Maine.

"I looked deep inside myself and I decided that there's only one place that really makes me feel good, and that's Maine," Monteux said.

As a child growing up in Hancock County, when he wasn't dreaming about being on TV, Monteux was enjoying Maine's natural environment. For the past six years, he has been developing his passion of nature and wildlife photography into a profession. Now he's re-discovered his love for the outdoors through the lens of a camera.

"I am addicted to moose, I am addicted to harbor seals, I am addicted to loons, do you want me to keep going? The list is endless!" he said.

In fact, when he's alone in the woods surrounded by the sights and sounds of Maine's wildlife, Monteux says there is only one way to describe what he feels...

"Rapture. That's my cathedral. Some people go to church for that feeling. I go to the woods for that feeling."

In May, Monteux opened his own gallery in Ellsworth. After months of struggling with his personal trials , he finally feels at peace and now believes that all dreams are possible if you really want them to come true.

"Ask yourself what is it that floats your boat? What pulls your socks up and down every day? What makes you happy? And damn it, do it!" said Monteux.

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