R.I.P. chickens, says PETA

GAINESVILLE, Georgia (WXIA) -- People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has asked theGeorgia Department of Transportation to create a roadside memorial forchickens that were killed in an accident last month.

"They are living creatures, so they do feel pain, just like we do," said Sarah Segal, the woman who actually wrote the request.

The10-foot-tall tombstone would memorialize the chickens that died whenthe tractor trailer carrying them overturned on Athens Highway inGainesville in January.

"I take any death seriously whether we're a child, dog, a chicken," said Segal.

PETA only wants to put the marker up for one month.

"Chickens suffer from the time they're babies, when they have theirsensitive beaks cut off with a searing-hot blade. Our proposed statuewould bring this suffering to the public's attention and would encouragepeople to stop eating chickens," PETA associate director of campaignsLindsay Rajt said in a release. "At the very least, it would remindmotorists to be more alert and help prevent future terrifying crashes."

The proposed memorial features a picture of a chicken and says, "Inmemory of the dozens of terrified chickens who died as a result of atruck crash." It also includes the date of the accident and thestatement "Go Vegan."

Segal wrote a letter to GDOTdirector of administration Meg Pirkle, urging her to consider creatingthe memorial.

But a GDOT spokesperson says the memorial is not going to happen.Memorials on highways and interstates are strictly regulated. Unlessthe crash involved someone who had been drinking or under the influenceof drugs, the memorial is usually a 15" disc, not a 10 foot gravestone.

Plus, GDOT says the program is strictly for people.


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