Phil and Ethan discuss Lepage Nursing Home Funding Issue


(NEWS CENTER) -- Political Analysts Ethan Strimling and Phil Harriman discuss with Chris Facchini, the move by Governor LePage to find funding for struggling nursing homes. They also analyze recent polling and campaign finance reports for the second congressional district race.

Chris: Let's begin with the nursing home funding issue. The Governor and Democrats both agreed that nursing homes were underfunded, but were unable to work together last session to find a solution.

Now the Governor has found some money, he found a way to do it without the legislature...Here is the headline from the Portland Press Herald Editorial Page--Our View: LePage notches win for himself, Maine nursing homes
Phil, is this a victory for the governor?

Phil: Well, it''s a victory for the people who need the assistance of a nursing home at this stage in their life, to put it into context chris the whole so called welfare system that goes from helping people getting food stamps aslo includes people needing assitance in nursing homes and apparently the governor has been able to demonstrate that there are savings in other parts of the welfare program to transfer money to the nursing homes which is good news for everyone who has a loved one or is residing in a nursing home.

Ethan: It certainly is good news and it certainly is a political victory for the governor no doubt about it but lets be clear about one thing you said earlier it's not the democrats and republicans that weren't able to come together and come up with an answer they actually did while the legislature was still in session but the governor wasn't willing to accept their answer and so then he called them back in or wanted to call them back in and they played politics for a few days and it seems like the governor had this in his back pocket but I think the reason we're seeing all of this is because the governor called social security welfare about a month ago and he's doing everything he can to repair the damage with seniors around the state. This is another step in that direction.

Chris: Turning our attention now to the second district congressional race. The latest poll commissione by the portland press herald and conducted by the UNH Survey Center between June 12-18th
shows Emily Cain Leading the way over Poliquin 44 percent to 39 percent with 15 percent undecided and a margin of error of 6 point 5 percent.
Phil is this surprising to you at all since Poliquin has run in statewide campaigns before and Cain has not?

Phil: No not at all actually Chris and here is why, I think the campaign has started with two proven determined candidate winners. The poll is clearly within the margin of error, clearly there is a lot of undecideds so the question becomes who has the organization who has the fundraising ability to get their message out and how much support are they going to get from the parties they are going to represent in Washington.

Ethan: It's not really surprising I wouldn't say chris Emily has certainly made a name for herself while she was in the legislature but remember also there was polling very early in this campaign also that showed if poliquin was the republican nominee both democrats whether it would have been Cain or Jackson would have fared better and would have actually a better chance of winning in the fall. I think this is playing out it's still very tight she's still below fifty percent so there's a lot of work to do but definately a good sign for emily early.

Of course momentum is everything and it appears Poliquin has more of that.
The latest campaign finance reports show Cain raised more money than Poliquin for overall and for the quarter, but check this out, since the June Primary, Poliquin has raised $280 thousand to Emily Cains $174 thousand...
And he has about 50 thousand more cash on hand. With $292,000 to Cains $243,000
Ethan-What's going on here?

Ethan: Yeah these are very surprising numbers and I imagine the Cain campaign really was in shock. Poliquin definately came out of the gate and he was just firing, he was not going to sleep a wink and he has raised a tremendous amount of money. almost twice as much as she did 1400 dollars a day as opposed to 800 dollars a day...certainly the Cain campaign, hopefully this is a wake up call to them that they have a lot of work to do to catch up.

Phil: You know Poliquin has run three times now for Congressional or Gubernatorial or Senatorial office. He knows the drill he doesn't want to lose again. The national parties see this seat as a winnable seat. I think you're going to find that Bruce Poliquin was going 100 miles an hour so to speak before the primary and he's doing about 120 miles per hour now.

Gentleman thank you for your time


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