Competitive family ranked in racquetball

4:08 PM, Oct 28, 2013   |    comments
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BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Brothers Isaac and Lucas Longoria have been exposed to the sport of raquetball since they were babies...because their father Rosendo has been playing the sport for more than 20 years.

Today, all three of them are ranked in the top 15 amongst racquetball players in the state of Maine.

"It's the fastest sport in the world. The ball travels from 150 to 200 MPH," said Rosendo. as fast as how long it took for the Longoria kids to pick up the game...        

"They've been playing the sport since they were babies," said Rosendo.    

21-year-old Lucas is away at school, but 19-year-old Isaac is around to give his dad a run for his money    

"Pretty much I'm dominant because I over power them and they're not too far from me," said Rosendo.  

"I should be able to beat him soon," said Isaac.    

It's competition that has brought the family together...  

"We do have a bond, we're really close to each other and we encourage each other. We watch each other play and learn from that," said Rosendo.  

"He's exactly the same off the court on the court, he's funny," said Isaac.    

But he still doubles as their dad and their coach.    

"They don't always listen to me though. I'm very proud of them and when they do a good shot I look at them and say 'you're lucky.' It's a head game if I can get in their head," said Rosendo.    

"He can get into your head if you let him. If you're not careful then he'll play head games with you and do a lot against you. He'll beat you," said Isaac.    

But sometimes...the younger Longoria gets the best of his dad.    

"It's great because he taught me how to do the shot and I like it when i can use the shot against him and win," said Isaac.  

"They do execute really good shots and I'll just smile at them. They know what that means, that it was a great shot," said Rosendo.

But he'll still be head of the house and head of the court...for now.

"He may be old, but he still has it," said Isaac.

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