Sharing a house with Sea Dogs

7:33 PM, Oct 29, 2013   |    comments
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FALMOUTH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Most of us know what the Red Sox look like in uniform, but one family here in Maine knows what a few of the past players look like in their pajamas.

The Rogers family has been hosting players for the Portland Sea Dogs for the past six years. Some of those players, like Josh Reddick, have gone on to play for the Sox and other major league teams.

"We have a bed here, a bed here and I literally brought an extra box spring and mattress down and then we have a bedroom upstairs so we literally just make room wherever they need it" Matt Rogers said while giving a tour of his home. Baseball season means a full house for the Rogers family. About twenty-five Sea Dogs players have stayed with them over the past six years. For young players who have left their families behind, it provides a home away from home.

The entire family is crazy about the Red Sox. The kids think of the players as brothers, not just professional athletes.

"It's fun watching the Red Sox games and if, like Josh Reddick, when he got his doubles and then he got the pie in the face, it's fun to watch that and say like, I know this guy" twelve year-old Nate Rogers said.

"I really love all the players that stayed with us because they're all so friendly and it's just great to meet them" said ten year-old Liza Rogers.

When the family sits down to watch the World Series they have special insight into how the players lived before they made it to the big leagues, and maybe even the inside scoop on those beards. They think former Sea Dog Josh Reddick may have hatched the idea.

"It was an As thing, the beards," Matt Rogers said. "And Josh was with Gomes last year and in the off season Josh and Gomes and Coco Crisp were having a competition to see who could grow out their beard, and Gomes of course came to spring training with the beard and they spilled over from there."












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