Coaches and athletes learn new warm-up techniques for the Fall

GORHAM, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- For athletes entering Fall sports, it can be tough getting up off the ground.

That's why trainers from the My-Fit-24 gym in Gorham hosted a free clinic for coaches and athletes.

Trainer Jesse Coleman says that for a long time, athletes had been taught that it's best to stretch slowly before a game. However now, the only time for slow stretching is after the game.

"They are great for elongating the muscle tissue and making the tissues loose, but athletes do not want loose tissues before they perform," Coleman said.

The new warm-up is focused on gradual speed and agility exercises. Preparing athletes to react against potential injuries and concussions.

"Sometimes concussions will happen because the kids don't know how to stop properly," said Stacy Coleman, the co-owner of My-Fit-24. "We always teach that someone who is really athletic is someone who can stop properly. And so practicing those lateral movements.

The American Journal of Sports Medicine says an estimated 300,000 high school athletes suffer concussions each year.

Those symptoms can include a headache that gets worse... Weakness, numbness, or decreased coordination or slurred speech.
Call 911 or take the athlete to the E.R. right away if they've experienced a bump, jolt, or blow to the head or body.


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