CHICAGO (NBC) -- Should an employer have a right to view your Facebook page? It's a hot new topic on the job front.

Many workers are outraged at the prospect of sharing their private social media sites like Facebook with potential employers who want to snoop into their life..

"I think its an invasion of privacy," says Ryan Mapili.

"They shouldn't have to go to Facebook page to determine whether you get a job or not," adds Nicolette Malizzio.

The practice has grown fastest in the public sector, especially for law enforcement, but it's now gaining traction among private employers according to John Challenger, an expert in the job placement field.

"The trend is companies are going online looking for candidates looking at the profiles that have been posted its just part of the way the job search works today," he says.

There are no laws on the books forbidding employers from asking for Facebook passwords or log-ins, but Illinois is one of a few states with proposed legislation to stop it.

"Its wrong for employers to think they have a window into all aspects of your life," says ACLU executive director Colleen Connell.

The ACLU is backing the Illinois bill.

Connell calls the practice dangerous.

"What this law would do is put asking for log-in information for a social networking site, make it just as unlawful as asking if a woman plans to have children," Connell says.

Challenger says it is part of the new business climate.

"They are in drivers seat right now," he says of prospective employers. "With unemployment high, they want to be very selective of who they hire."

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