SIOUX CITY, Iowa (NBC) -- "People see this as nuts," says Krandel Lee Newton, also known as the Original Butt Sketch artist.

Newton is an artist with a unique flare.

He doesn't sketch just any picture, he draws what some refer to as their "challenging" side.

Newton was originally trained as an engineer but decided to take a different turn while watching a parade in Dallas, Texas.

"I was attempting to do a painting of a butt sketch, a parade, people from behind, and that's what led to this," he explains.

His "bootyful" drawings have been a hit.

"Once people see the sign up that there's a butt sketcher, the first thing they try to do is run for the hills. But then fortunately for me once they get a chance to see that it's nothing too crazy, they'll stick around and get it done," he laughs.

Now, he and eight others are full time backside artists.

He's even sketched some celebrities.

"Alex Trebeck from Jeopardy. I've had a chance to sketch his butt and that was pretty cool. Kate Beckinsale, did her butt. Drew Barrymore, on and on. Some pretty good butts too. I might tell you," said Newton.

Wednesday he was brought to Sioux City's Briar Cliff University to demonstrate the art of tushy talent.

He sketches people's rear-ends in whatever pose they want.

"Think about it most people at best will peak and run, I get a chance to stare and even get paid for this madness," said Newton.

So far, Newton has sketched more than 500,000 posteriors in the Unites States and overseas.

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