(KNSD) -People today hold the steering wheel of their car in all sorts of positions.

We've been told to think of that wheel as a clock and hold our hand at 10 and 2, but what feels natural is now considered old school and in fact it's considered dangerous.

You see, it's all about the airbag, an airbag that can deploy at more than 200 miles an hour.

"When that airbag deploys, because it goes up and out, it's going to send your hands and your arms into your face," said Michael Hoshaw of the Auto Club of California.

And that can cause all sorts of serious injuries.

So the Auto Club, the Traffic Safety Administration and others are now saying to hold the wheel in a 9-3 position on the outside of the airbag.

One more piece of advice from safety experts is that you're no longer supposed to cross your arms when you turn the wheel.

They say, once again, that you leave yourself vulnerable if the airbag deployed and sent your arms into your head.

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