BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Since 1996, the Caring Connections program, a program of the Bangor Y and Eastern Maine Medical Center, has been providing support and education to women living in the Bangor area.

The program is designed to provide a wide range of services for women with breast cancer, ranging from support groups and education services to providing no-cost mammograms and pap tests.

Jane Sawyer has been involved with Caring Connections since she was diagnosed with breast cancer five years ago.

"Breast cancer is a terrible illness, but there's good news and there's hope. The hope is that people can get better and they can get excellent care in this community, but they can also access support that will help them get through it and actually make their lives better," Sawyer said.

Sawyer is now helping to organize a fundraising event toassist Caring Connections raise money for its programs.

Caring Connections is hosting a "High Tea" benefit at the Hilton Garden Inn in Bangor on April 19th. Organizers say anyone is welcome to attend. For more information about Caring Connections and the fundraising event, click here.