ROCKLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - "Home is the sailor, home from the sea, goes the old poem." Well, the sailors came home to warm hugs in Rockland Tuesday.

The Coast Guard icebreaker "Thunder Bay" sailed into harbor ahead of schedule this morning, home from a four-month deployment to the Great Lakes.

The cutter and her twenty-person crew covered seven thousand miles during the trip, and worked on all five Great Lakes. Crew members did get to fly home for brief breaks, but most of the time they were at work on the water, breaking ice and helping ships on the Lakes.

Families were on the dock to welcome them all back, and everyone agreed it was very good to be home.

The crew was also greeted by people from the Rockland Coast Guard base, and by Captain Chris Ronberge of South Portland, who oversees all Coast Guard activity in Maine.

He read a commendation from the admiral, who praised the crewmen for their work keeping the Great Lakes safe for ships.

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