PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Jackie Ward and social media coordinator, Brett Whitmarsh, look back on some of the social media headlines from the last week.

Facebook file sharing:

According to a mashable report, Facebook will now start to allow groups to share files. So if you belong to a "group" you will soon have the option to do file sharing. The report says it's based off if a recent Groups for Schools feature Facebook started last month to give students the option to share date from classes. There are some limits like how much can be shared (data limit to 25mb) and the kind of files. No music files and not .exe which are common PC file extentions. Anything else appears to be fair game. Facebook said that this was a major request from the groups.

Facebook App Center:

Think of the app store on your mobile phone, now think of having that kind of app store on Facebook. Facebook is trying really hard to push the use of apps on timeline. For the most part these are games, but there are a lot of apps that people are starting to get concerned about. Expect a flood of apps on facebook soon just like on a smart phone. Be careful though. The apps will take a lot of personal information. So look over closely and be sure you really want/need this app. The idea from Facebook is for you to never leave their site. They will also allow for paid apps here too. Many tech experts are concerned that apps will lead to Facebook's downfall. Pinterest, Spotify, Viddy, Socialcam, Social readers.

Conan does Google +

Conan O'Brien did his very first Google + Hangout this week. Some have complained that it wasn't well promoted, but he had a steady turn out. Google has uploaded the video of the hangout on YouTube and it runs for about 45 minutes. Conan seemed to have a pretty good time and expect him to do it again.

Google + app gets a make over:

Social Media = Brain candy study says:,0,7870124.story

An LA Times report says that the folks at Harvard have figured out why we are compelled to share on social media. Researchers found that by offering up information on social media releases the same pleasure sensation that we get when say we're eating our favorite foods or say getting our paycheck. The study showed we were more excited to talk about ourselves on social media as opposed to talking about someone else. Also examined was how many friends a person has and when told to limit to a smaller group vrs. Posting to a bigger group.

Abe Lincoln Facebook flap:

There was a pretty good Internet hoax this week declaring that Abe Lincoln had incented Facebook back when he was a young man. The idea was that while touring the Lincoln museum someone say a paper all about Lincoln and that Lincoln had tried to get a patent for the idea of a paper that would be all about onself. The story was a hoax.

Facebook allows organ donor status update

Just as you would a relationship status, you can now declare whether you are an organ donor or not. In the past week since this option has appeared on facebook, donor sites say the number of people wanting to become donors has gone up. That was the idea, Facebook had hoped that others would be inspired to become donors if they say their friends were also ones. The option on Facebook is not a binding agreement, but more of a hey look kind of thing.

Dominoes lets you order through Facebook:

If you are in Austrailia or New Zealand, you can now order your Dominoes Pizza via Facebook. You can do this by installing their app. They say they are testing it out here before expanding to the rest of the world.

Social Cam:
We talked about my segment from our 5pm Friday newscast on socialcam -- is it spam and how to use it privately:

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