(NEWS CENTER) Now that the primaries are over, the card is set for the Main Event-- the fall election. Bill Nemitz of the Portland Press Herald and Ray Richardson of WLOB Radio and WPME-TV go In The Arena with Pat Callaghan to analyze the election results and look ahead to the new campaign.

They discuss the dynamics of the top of the ticket races for U.S. Senate and Congress, and the approaches candidates are likely to try to take as they look for an advantage with voters.

Topic include: --Is Jon Courtney weakened or strengthened by battle with political newcomer Patrick Calder?

--Is thesubject of Rep. Chellie Pingree's wealthy husband a fair and/or effective argument for the campaign?

--What does Kevin Raye have to do to unseat Rep. Mike Michaud?

--How does Angus King fare in the race against Democrat Cynthia Dill and Republican Charlie Summers?

--After his second loss in 2 years, is Bruce Poliquin a viable candidate for future races?

--Is Gov. LePage right to hold back bond spending approved by voters? Has he effectively made his case to the people of Maine?

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